All the Blues

September 7th - October 28th

A Group Show


 Lore Bert ,Suzanne Caporael, Leila Daw, Willem de Looper,Ellen Glasgow, Fredrick Nelson, Kirk Pedersen, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Doug Salveson, Katy Stone


Atrium announces an upcoming theme based exhibition, focusing on the color blue. Used extensively by many modern and contemporary artists, this hue denotes many things from mood to environmental influences, to musical references. This exhibition explores these themes from several perspectives.

"All the Blues," opening Thursday September 7, will offer a rich experience for viewers. Included will be paintings, works on paper, and mixed media works by Lore Bert, Suzanne Caporael, Leila Daw, Willem De Looper, Ellen Glasgow, David Klamen , Fredrick Nelson, Kirk Pedersen, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Doug Salveson, Steven Sorman and Katy Stone. This show launches a season of programs and exhibitions Atrium is offering which extends our mission of developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. Our purpose, through exposure and information, aims to help in perceiving the value of experiences with quality artwork to bring intellectual, social, and emotional benefits. We are pleased to offer this dynamic and provocative  show. 

Lore Bert, "Divisions (blue)," relief with Japanese paper and gold leaf, 22" x  22"

Lore Bert, "Divisions (blue)," relief with Japanese paper and gold leaf, 22" x  22"