Through April 25, 2017

Willem de Looper, Michael Marshall, Annette Morriss, Fredrick Nelson, Kirk Pedersen, John Schwartzkopf

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The rise of abstract art has been a key characteristic of the past century and has continued to appeal to and interest viewers and collectors in our current times. Whether concerned with form, shapes, color fields, texture, geometry, rhythm, or markings, it appeals to today's audience as much as yesterday's. This exhibition presents work by six artists offering a glimpse into the variety abstraction affords. Works included are paintings by the late Willem de Looper, paintings and mono-prints by Michael Marshall, geometric based paintings and drawings by Annette Morriss, paintings by Fredrick Nelson, collage/paintings and watercolors by Kirk Pedersen, and sculpture by John Schwartzkopf.

Willem de Looper, Untitled, 1989, acrylic on paper, 40" x 60" 

Willem de Looper, Untitled, 1989acrylic on paper, 40" x 60"