Prints and Drawings



May 3 - July 20

Annette Morris “4.4.2019” charcoal on paper 15” x 15”

Featuring work by Suzanne Caporael, Annette Morris, Stephen Namara, Francisca Sutil, and Ruby Rumie. Included are complex geometric charcoal and conte drawings by former St. Louisan, Annette Morriss, and still life and figurative charcoal works by Stephen Namara, originally from Kenya and now living in San Francisco. Prints are presented by New York artist Suzanne Caporael and Peruvian artist, Francisca Sutil who are both also known for their painting works.  Photo-print 3-dimensional figurative works by Colombian artist Ruby Rumie are also shown.

Traditional print processes and innovative uses of the media as well as cross mixtures are included  in this presentation. The variety here and the complementary subject treatment are respectful elements of this elegant exhibition. Works on paper often seen as fresh and delicate and sometimes reserved for warm seasonal presentations are nicely combined for a very interesting exhibition featuring work by five national and international artists long associated with Atrium Gallery.