Bob Emser's The Winged Project was Fully Funded

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 7.49.02 PM.png

Congratulations to one of our represented artists, Bob Emser! His project, The Winged Project, was fully funded! The project consists of scaled airplane wing frames attached to skyscrapers.

Emser states that, "This project is about innovation and rejuvenation. It is inspired by my close personal connection to model airplanes and the importance of what sculpture should really do. That is to redefine a space and give viewers a new appreciation of it. My idea of The Winged Project is to mount over-scaled model airplane wings onto buildings in the city of Chicago."

Drawing from his childhood and recent events, Bob remembers, "Growing up my father shared his passion for the special craft of building model airplanes and influenced me to appreciate the basic structure and meaning behind their inherent beauty. The tragedy of September 11th effected us all, but in turn also brought us together, as Americans. By investigating the images together in a non-threatening way and focusing on the positive side of negative events in our lives, we celebrate the things we want to remember and honor in our history."

The project is scheduled to be temporarily installed in the city of Chicago with hopes of exhibiting the piece in New York City.

To hear Bob Emser talk about The Winged Project, visit the link: