Steven Sorman, "without really knowing," 2011  etching, woodcut, with bronze powder  17" x 52"

Steven Sorman, "without really knowing," 2011

etching, woodcut, with bronze powder

17" x 52"

Steven Sorman

"outside in, inside out"

April 1 - May 28


Atrium Gallery announces an upcoming spring exhibition, "outside in, inside out," featuring a rich and dramatic group of works by esteemed national and international artist, Steven Sorman. Known for his complex compositions, Sorman works in several media including painting, watercolor, and multi-layered prints, and he continues to explore all of these in his most recent work. The exhibition will feature both large scale as well as intimate pieces, giving a full range of the compositional, and technical elements and aesthetic qualities of Sorman's work that have earned his valued international reputation as a major artist of our time.
Although he has spent the past 20 years working in an expansive studio near New York City where he exhibits frequently, and has also near Tyler Press, where he worked with many of the best resources to produce his signature prints, he has recently relocated back to Minnesota, his prior home and base, and has established a large studio there, enjoying again the inspiration of his early years in the midwest.
Sorman's work is included in the collections of many major museums in the US and abroad, including the National Gallery of Art, and Smithsonian, Washington D.C., Whitney Museum, MOMA, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, De Young Museum, San Francisco, Tate Gallery, London, Stedlijk Museum, Amsterdam, Singapore Art Musuem, The Australian National Gallery, Canberra, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and also St. Louis Art Museum, and Washington University, St. Louis.

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